Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planningNebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

Information for patients and families

What is a NETO?

NETO is a simple, on-page document that carries you advanced directives in a way that clearly tells doctors what treatment  you want or don't want in a medical emergency or accident. Four straightforward question can guide your treatment and take the burden off of your loved ones. 

Isn't this why I have a living will? Why to I need this?

The sad news is that living wills just don't work very well to prevent unwanted treatment. It is very hard to translate most living wills into action fast enough for an emergency, so treatment gets started even when people didn't want it.

How does this work with a Power of Attorney (POA)?

This form provides the direction your power needs to advocate for you in case of life threatening emergency. Their job is to do what you want, these decisions provide the framework that guides your treatment.

Why Should I Plan?

Emergencies happen. And when they do, they can leave you unable to speak for your self with you life in the balance. Without a conversation now, your loved ones to take on the burden of life or death decision without you input. You can change your decisions as your health changes with a simple visit to your doctor.

Is this just for sick people?

Absolutely not! Everyone is at risk for serious accidents or unexpected medical emergencies. Talking to you friends and family now can help your  be prepared. 

Why do I have to talk to my doctor?

Your doctor is in the best position to help you understand what treatments are used in medical emergencies and how your body may respond to them so you can make the best decisions.  Emergency medical services also needs physician orders if you don't want to receive CPR or life sustaining treatment.  

Patient And Family Guide

We created a short guide to walk you through the treatment choices you should consider in case of an emergency. This 4- page booklet will answer many common questions and help you find the right answers. Includes a sample NETO form.

Plans that Change With You

Your plans for emergencies should change when your life and your health changes. The NETO form was created to be easily changed  with a visit to your doctor.