Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planningNebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

Get Started

  1. All the hard work is done! NETO is ready to use and has lots of support material. 
  2. Just get the word out to  your LOCAL EMS, Emergency Departments  and physicians so they know what to do with NETO in an emergency and help patients plan ahead. 
  3. Once that is done, it's  a matter of getting the planning material in the hands of people and thier doctors.

NETO Solves Problems

The Problem

When you call 911 or are taken to an emergency room, they assume you want all treatment available. But some people don't, they have serious illness and don't want everything. They get put on machines and then their loved ones have to make hard decisions that could have been avoided. 

NETO is the Missing Piece

On one piece of paper, NETO provides orders for EMS to use in the field, then gives your doctors at the hospital the input they need to  to guide your care so you get all the treatment you want and need and none that you don't. 

Educate EMS and Medical Facilities

Because NETO makes use of two existing tools, physician orders and patient declarations, most organizations can use it as-is. They just need to learn about it so they can see how it fits in thier systems. For EMS, it provides physician orders for resuscitation; for doctors, it provide the patient's clear, timely directives for limiting treatment.

The Resources are just a click away

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Order your forms directly from this website.... Check back soon for this great feature.

Layers of Impact

NETO Helps at Every Level

Though we think of the drama of the emergency department, NETO's impact starts much earlier. 

  • Its biggest impact comes from helping people and their doctors focus on planning for emergencies. Thinking about four clear questions helps people think through thier priorities and ask questions about treatment.
  • Having the form in hand helps people talk to thier family so everyone knows thier choices- well in advance of an actual emergency.
  • People are sometimes surprised to learn the EMS is required to initiate life sustaining procedures, even if the family knows it isn't what the person wanted. NETO provides the orders they need to depart from protocol, if that's what the patient wanted.
  • Hospital admissions are much easier if the patient's scope of treatment is known up front.
  • In the ICU, where most life sustaining treatment is delivered, NETO can help doctors and family know if it is time to stop treatment. Knowing what the patient actually wanted alleviates the burden of decision making for family. 
  • NETO won't eliminate all conflict regarding life sustaining treatment, but it can certainly help patients guide their treatment at every level. 


Common Questions

  • Who started NETO? A consortium of Nebraskan physicians and lawyers who were frustrated with the lack of a consistent format for important decisions. All the participants were volunteers. The graphic design was funded by Nebraska Health Network.   
  • Do we need approval to use the forms or materials on this site? No, the materials are free of charge and can be used as long as they are not altered. When forms are revised they will be posted online. You should check for revisions when printing new stock.
  • Do we have to buy the forms you? No, but we are in the process of making it possible to order the forms form our printer since they have the set up. You may use your own printer, just download the PDFs and have them printed. The NETO form should be printed on Lift-off-Lemon to assure that it is recognized.