Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planningNebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO), advance care planning

What is The Nebraska NETO Project?

The Nebraska NETO Project is a grassroots initiative dedicated to making advance care planning better and easier by distributing the Nebraska Emergency Treatment Orders (NETO) form  to communities across the state. 

"Speak for Yourself"

No one is more qualified to make your medical decisions than you. Yet, in times of emergency you may be too sick to speak, leaving your loved ones to make difficult decisions. The NETO form is a rapid, effective way to communicate your wishes to emergency services and medical providers. 

NETO builds on advance care planning by providing a simple, standardized form that conveys the most important decisions that need to be made in a medical emergency. It is designed to be easily updated as your life changes and is transferable across all sites of care form home to hospital. 

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Use NETO in Your Community


It takes a community to respect patient choices in an emergency.  EMS and Emergency Departments need to be on board before NETO is effective. Doctors and patients need access to forms and planning tools. Get started here. 

Use NETO in your practice


Respect patient choices by using NETO. Learn how to use the material in ambulatory practices, hospitals, EMS, and other facilities.

Speak for Yourself!


Everyone has the right to participate in medical decisions and accept or refuse treatment as they see fit, but what do you do if you are too sick to talk? You do advance care planning with NETO!


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